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Cord Locks

We specialize in any size orders, small quantities are not a problem. Most orders can be shipped the next day. Don't forget our mini cord lock is a standard size cord lock used for most clothing applications and not a doll size application.
Mini Cord Locks Size
Mini Cord Lock on 550 para cord
550 para cord with turquoise
mini cord lock.
Double Strand.

How to Use:
The mini cord lock functions by depressing the spring until the inch holes line up. To use the
cord lock, insert both ends of the cord into the inch hole forming a loop that is adjustable by
moving the cord lock.

The mini cord lock is injection molded from a high strength Acetal thermoplastic.
It has a 7/16 inch ( 11.11mm) diameter. It is 1 inch ( 25.4mm ) long (non compressed) with a inch ( 6.35 mm) hole.

Please check our color page for information on our colors.
Blues to Purple


Pumkin to white


Greens Pink to Red
Price: Each Order is Special, please contact us for a quotes and billing. These prices are based upon single color orders, please contact us with mixed color orders so we may quote for you. We will send you an online invoice and you may pay with credit card like any online purchase, you may use your pay pal account or you may send a check or money order to us.

# of Mini Cord Locks
Price Each
Shipping Conditions
Shipping & Handling
1 to 19 single color
1st Class Mail
20 to 39 single color
1st Class Mail
40 to 59 single color
1st Class Mail
60 to 75 single color
1st Class Mail
76 to 99 single color
Priority Mail with Tracking
100 single color
Priority Mail with Tracking
125 t0 200 single color
Priority Mail with Tracking
201 to 450 single color
Priority Mail with Tracking
451 to 999 single color
Priority Mail with Tracking
1,000 to 9999 single color
To be determined
For orders over 10,000 parts - Contact us for a quote

Prices shown are for any stock single color quantities. For mixed color quantities contact us for prices and availabilities.

Mixed Color Product packaging is available check out our Party Pack!
Call or e-mail for availability and pricing !

Terms - Available on approved credit only - Net 30, FOB our plant.



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