Mini Cord Locks in all of the colors !

Maxi Cord Locks in all 7 colors.

Party Pack 100 Mini Cord Locks with at least 2 of every color available and some that are test only colors.
Party Pack Plus is a Party Pack plus 2 each of the Maxis available.


We have available for sale, U.S.A. made cord locks in 2 sizes and many colors.
The orders are specific to your individual needs.

How to Use:

The cord locks function by depressing the spring until the holes line up. To use the
cord lock, insert both ends of the cord into the hole forming a loop that is adjustable by
moving the cord lock up and down the cord.  Look at the sizes to choose your best bet!


The cord locks are injection molded from a high strength Acetal thermoplastic.
The springs are stainless steel.


Please check our color page for information on our colors.

For More Information:

Please Contact Us for more information.
Each order is special and we are more than
happy to help you get the best of our