Which size will work for me ?

Comparison of Mini vs Maxi
Maxi on the left of the quarter - mini on the right.
Size Comparison
Mini on the left of the dime - maxi on the right.

As you can see the body size is different as are the holes. 
Please check specifications on the appropriate pages.

Many of our frequently asked questions about Oregon Cord Lock.

How do I place my order?

Use our contact e-mail info@cordlock.com. Give us information about your preference about billing
and let us confirm your order by e-mail!!
You may contact us by phone although payment will
need to be made online or by snail mail.

Phone 503-695-5430

or e-mail is the preferred contact info@cordlock.com.

Can I mix several colors in my order?

Yes and we love small orders folks.

Please see our price list, use your total needed to decide on your shipping,
then contact us about the number of color changes.

Let’s say your order is 100 mini cord locks

1 color price is .16 cents each.

2 colors in 100 parts are .17 cents each.

4 colors in 100 parts are .18 cents each.

4 Handi-Bobs can be added to most orders for $1.00

Each order is different and if you contact us we can help you with pricing.

How long until I receive my order?

Usually within 1 week, priority mail has been very successful and is usually 2 to 3 days the cost is only
a little more cost than regular mail.
Small orders are usually shipped 1st class and don’t take that much more time and they can take a week.

How much does shipping cost?

100 mini-locks weigh 8+ ounces add packaging 11 ounces.
100 maxi cord locks weigh 13+ ounces plus packaging 15 ounces
Both of those examples we charge $7.55 for shipping and handling priority mail.
Another Example: 1,000 mini-locks shipped Priority Mail from Corbett, OR 97019 anywhere in the US in a postal flat rate box is $20.10
or less if regional mailing class falls into it with the zip code we can give a more accurate price.info@cordlock.com